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I am so pleased to share with you all that we proud resellers of Roterfaden Personal Planners in Australia!
If you haven't heard of this brand before, they create premium personal planners/organisers and they are now available for pre-order on our store for delivery in the new financial year!


We are all about clever, simple design and functionality here at Simple Life, and as creatives and busy bees it’s often hard to stay on track with life without carrying around a universe of notebooks, pens, papers, calendars, phone apps etc. you get the gist, in your bag every day – it’s exhausting just writing about it. While researching methods to stay organised (I’m that kind of person – the google research nerd) I happened across Roterfaden, and I’m so glad I did!

Roterfaden meaning “red thread” in German” is an elegantly simple, functional and customizable organizer / personal planner, that is 100% made in Germany – even the little metal clips that make the system possible are made by a family business in Germany 🙂 If you’re a planner gal or guy then you will have heard of Midori Traveler’s notebooks, and this system takes the interchangeable notebook concept to the next level – German engineering in a Planner.

Simplicity is key in good design and Roterfaden has perfected their system using hinged clips that can hold anything and everything you might need – they’re so functional – you can capture and hold things like notebooks, to-do lists, catalogues, receipts, books in A6 or A5 sizes or your e-reader (in the back pocket), loose printouts, maps or handwritten notes and cards – it is only limited by your imagination.                                                                                                                                                                                    It can also hold photos or smaller items you might collect when you                                                                                                                                                                                         include their useful clear pouches.



Professional designs are a must in a planner, and even though I am a freely confessed stationery addict and love my journaling, even I can’t bring a planner with a million decorations, bows and flowers to the office. Your planner should be able to be with you day in and day out, so the elegant leather or vegan covers made by Roterfaden create a durable and professional exterior to capture and plan your life within.

Roterfaden cares so much about their materials while speaking to Beate (the founder) I learnt about the care and diligence that has gone into selecting only the best, local and sustainably sourced materials for their planners. The outside cover comes in two finishes, the first is a vegetable tanned leather from Germany that is durable as well as beautiful with 100% wool felt or suede interior all sourced locally.

The second is a dancefloor material, which is a durable plastic flooring material that was specially developed for ballet studios. It has a pleasant feel, you can’t see your fingerprints and it is just as durable as leather. It is also easy to wipe clean meaning the product will have a longer lifespan than cheaper planners which need replacing more frequently. We are hoping to                                                                                                                            also offer the used printing matt option for those who are a bit more daring and want to                                                                                                                                              help recycle the very durable mats used in printing presses as their planner cover!




Well, that’s it today tribe – one huge announcement and a lot of excitement to see our pre-orders winging their way to our fellow Aussies and Kiwis without the crazy shipping fees of buying internationally! 🙂

Take care,





Roterfaden is now in Australia! Pre-order your very own customisable German Planner now. Dismiss