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If you’ve been kind enough to read the about page, you’ll know that I am an Interior Designer and have been now for 10 years – wow! ok, that’s a bit scary. The point is I’ve done alot, and worked in a variety of roles over that time, not to mention having worked in the building industry before that because my Dad was in that field so he knew people and got me my first job đŸ™‚

I’ve found it interesting over the years to see how my aesthetic and my philosophy of design has evolved and grown, I now look at spaces in a very different way than when I started out and I think my growing love of simplicity, function and meaning-making has added to this philosophy. I’m going to write more on this soon, but thought I’d share some images from our Pinterest board on interiors, if you haven’t seen it you can click here and go have a gander for a while. Get a cup of tea and relax while you flick through, and if you’re at work….. well then hide it behind a spreadsheet (just kidding!).

Hope you enjoy!




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