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I am haunted by magazine racks. Every time I pass one my head turns, It's inevitable.


This action is always a bad choice, it leaves me feeling sad, frustrated and a little bit dirty.

Dirty – like the way you felt in high school when you bitch behind someone’s back because everyone else is, and then feel bad cause that girl is just like you and probably already has her own insecurities and you’d hate it if people talked about you like that, kind of dirty. It’s all the gossip and the scandal and photos taken on telescopic lenses and the incestuous Hollywood love lives and impossible airbrushed perfect photos that you know aren’t real but do your head in any way. Well, this post is about bringing a bit of joy back to magazines, a bit of value, and learning, and soul food and goodness…. You’re welcome ūüôā Here are my current favourites for good read zines in store now –

  1. Baskk¬†from Smack Bang Designs is just such a wonderful surprise. I started following Smack bang because, well, have you seen their Instagram? It’s beautiful! I have an Achilles heel for beautiful packaging design and great photography and these guys have the eye. So when they launched this new venture I had to have a look and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s like having a great book of short stories, connected by a single threaded theme ( in this case ‘Blue’) and highlighted by amazing images and a lovely clean and calm layout. I love it when you sit to read a magazine and it feels like a long exhale, like a great yoga class that leaves you relaxed but inspired and ready to conquer the world. That is this book.
  2. Simplify Magazine¬†from the creators of Becoming Minimalist¬†&¬†No Sidebar¬†is defined on their website as “a quarterly, digital publication that pulls together experts in various fields to address some of the most pressing needs of the modern family”. I would go further. To me it’s a touchstone, a small moment of peace that you can carve out of the craziness that is modern life – to reconnect with yourself, find¬†some down to earth advice from others who are trying to simplify their lives and re-establish a slower pace, more quality time with their loved ones and more balance with the outside world.
  3. Fete / Life, you know those days where you’re looking for something to soothe and inspire cause the “you know what” has hit the fan and you’re not sure what to do, so you find yourself walking around a mall in circles instead of doing anything productive? .. maybe that’s just me, but on one such day I found this magazine and it was awesome and you’ll love it just give it a go. The tag line is “The solution to a simple, meaningful, well-designed life” which is 100% on point. There’s almost always some personal development style activity which i love and lots of great articles.
  4. Smith Journal, I first picked this one up at the Salvos store in Abbotsford where we were living last year. I’m going to fess up and say I picked it up because of the cover – there you have it. Same reason I picked up my first fantasy novel (I know, I’m a dork). Anyway, it was such a good read! Interesting varied articles, yes some advertising but all the types of products I might actually be interested in (even though I don’t buy most of them). It’s a magazine that’s great on the coffee table so you can pick IT up instead of your phone, and READ instead of SCROLL! hehe. You can just keep coming back to it for bits and pieces which I love. Then donate it cause you never know who else might love it too.

Well, after all that rambling, I just think that in this day and age there’s no need to spend your hard-earned dollars buying glossy crappy magazines that talk about who married who and which Kardashian has a cheating spouse or how to hate your body and spend money on stuff you do not need and adds no value to your life. Read these instead, they’re much better for you – promise ūüôā

May 15, 2018



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