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Health and the practice of Journalling

At some point over the last few generations of relative peace, we in the western world have come to expect that life is good, people should always be exceptionally happy and bubble (like a chewing gum commercial) and traumatic things only happen to other people, usually in faraway places….

Welcome to Australia Roterfaden!


We are all about clever, simple design and functionality here at Simple Life, and as creatives and busy bees it’s often hard to stay on track with life without carrying around a universe of notebooks, pens, papers, calendars, phone apps etc. you get the gist, in your bag every day…

4 New Zines worth reading


This action is always a bad choice, it leaves me feeling sad, frustrated and a little bit dirty.

Dirty – like the way you felt in high school when you bitch behind someone’s back because everyone else is, and then feel bad cause that girl is just like you and…

Finding Flowers

I had the amazing blessing of growing up on a 1-acre block in Sydney’s south-west. Now if you know anything about Sydney, Australia in the 80’s you know it wasn’t a fancy neighbourhood. Mostly working people with their families, a little rough around the edges, a little dangerous in…

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